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MAM TALENTTalent Show was prepared by our teachers: Ms. Grażyna Gajda and Ms. Beata Środon.  Our children were singing, showing their art, or performed gymnastic show.  


For traditional Easter Breakfast our parents prepared a rich selection of cakes, salads and meats.   Of course there were decorated eggs and a buttered lambs.  Father Piotr Narkiewicz blessed the food.


Our school was visited by Radio Rampa.  Journalist of the radio were talking about their job.  They showed how to ask questions and record the radio interview.  Students visited mini radio studio, where they could record and listen their voice.  Parents read passages from the novel for children, that were recorded.  Journalist recorded few interviews with children, parents and teachers.

palmyresA week before Easter we had a art workshop.  Students learned how to make a polish traditional Easter palms.  Teachers and parents have prepared necessary for this purpose materials. Students were doing great, they connected dried grasses with colored tissue papers and ribbons. As a result, they formed a beautiful, colorful Easter palms.

teaOn March 5th, 2016 came to our school Polish Theater Institute in the United States with the presentation of "Jack and the Beanstalk." Children with great interest watched very dynamic performance. After its completion, students participated in the workshop. Students learned about the different kinds of puppets theater, practicing basic hand movements needed for manipulating puppets.

studnThis year studiówka was held in Astoria Manor, NY. There were 470 guests. Our school was represented by students:  Zofia Fronc, Jan Kazubowski, Julia Kazubowska, Paweł Klibisz, Louisa Olesiejuk, Angelika Osiniak and their parents plus teachers: Ewa Brożyna, Bożena Mahmoud and Ewa Załusińska 


Our students, teachers and parent prepared traditional Christmas celebration.  As always we started with Jaselka - Polish traditional Christmas Play.  After a blessing by the Rev. Piotr Narkiewicz, a ceremony of breaking bread (traditional Polish opłatek) was held among all participants.  Dinner buffet was full of Polish traditional dishes:  pierogies, hunter's stew, chicken, kielbasa, coffee and dessert.


One week before Christmas Parents' Committee, teachers and priests of the parish of St. Isidore in Riverhead met in the basement of the church to share the wafer and place a Christmas wishes. Participants of the meeting prepared the Christmas specials.  This year there were several types of pierogies, various salads, beetroot soup, fish in a variety of flavors ... and lots of cakes. It was very nice to host many children who willingly participated in singing Christmas carols.

The festival, created by the Polish Educational Foundation Dobra Polska Szkola from New York (Eng. A Good Polish School) and organized in conjunction with Polish schools and Polish organizations.  The idea behind the festival is threefold: to celebrate the speaking and preservation of the Polish language and culture in Polish-American communities, to encourage the new generations of Polish-American children to learn and invest in the functional knowledge of the language of their ancestors and to reach out to everyone who is interested in all things Polish: past, present and future.  This year our students represented us in Copiague, NY.

On October 17th we celebrated Teacher's Day. Parents' Committee prepared  a meal with a wonderful cake flavor: chocolate-halvah.
They invited retired teachers and school support. Parents were so thankful  for the effort.  The teachers promised that this year they will repay.

DSC01772aOn Sunday, October 3rd, 2015 our school joined once again Pulaski Parade.  It took place on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  

Inauguration of the school year 2015/2016 was celebrated by Father Piotr Narkiewicz at St. Isidore Church. This year, in our prayers we mentioned our Honorary Director Feliksa Sawicka.
After Mass we met in the auditorium of the school, where Principal Bozena Mahmoud awarded parents and children, who participated in Polish Festival.  After that students met their teachers in classrooms.

WP 20150928 013bThe school year 2015/6 started without our janitor - Mr. Stefan, who was in the hospital.  Unfortunately, several days later, we learned that Mr. Krupa died and would never ring a bell.

Stefan Krupa survived 68 beautiful years. Created together with his wife, a wonderful family. On September, 28th 2015 we gathered at Isidore Church, to say goodbye to our master janitor. Mass was celebrated by pastor Robert Kuznik, who recalled his parishioner.
Mr. Stefan, we will miss you.  

This year for the first time the festival took place without our Honorary Director Feliksa Sawicka, which always left us on August 14, the day before the festival. In such a difficult moment for us through the involvement of Mrs. Bozena director Mahmoud, President of the Committee of Renata Klibisz Parents, teachers, parents and students have managed everything very well organized.


On August 14th, 2015 died co-founder of our school and its long-standing principal Feliksa Sawicka. On the same day 71 years ago, died a martyrpatron of our Polish School -  Maximilian Kolbe. She left in grief not only her lovely sister Czesława Zakrzewska, but the whole community of our school and the parish of St. Isidore  Church in Riverhead.  Ms. Feliksa was the largest Polish-American activist on the East Coast of Long Island. McLauhlin Heppner Funeral Home, where for two days has been exposed body of the deceased, was visited by crowds of people grateful for her commitment and contributions.

Our lovely Honorary Principal Feliksa Sawicka in pictures.

Feliksa Sawicka